PPE for NHS professionals with beards

The Association is working with other BAME Network of Organisations to support health professionals working in the NHS frontline, who have been recognised as a risk group whilst treating patients suffering from Covid19. A number of Sikh health professionals have expressed concerns to us over their NHS employing authorities requesting removal of facial hair, in the course of providing appropriately fitting FFP3 facemasks. These special masks are designed to be ‘fitted tightly’ to the face and do not always necessarily confer the required protection from airborne viruses to wearers with beards.

Beards are a key article of the Sikh religious faith and identity. Shaving of facial hair for Sikhs goes against their religious faith.

As the oldest representative body of Sikh medical doctors and dentists in the UK, we strongly recommend that Sikh frontline NHS workers with a beard are equipped with the right PPE to carry out their duties safely. SDDA (UK) are keen to work with the Government to help source and supply the appropriate equipment and fill this gap in safeguarding Sikh medical staff working on the front line in this battle against Covid19 so that they are not at higher risk than their colleagues.

SDDA (UK) will be carrying our preliminary study in utilising innovative work of Dr Rajinderpal Singh, in using the ‘thatha’ technique rubber band in achieving a tight fit seal to pass the qualitative and more rigorous quantitative fit tests. The concept of making the mask fit the face, rather than making the face fit the mask should be reasonably taken forth in this regard. Should preliminary studies yield positive outcomes we will take this project further. Watch this space!

Annual General Meeting

Sikh Doctors’ committee is delighted to invite delegates to our upcoming UK Sikh Doctors’ & Dentists’ Annual General Meeting for this year.

  • Date: Saturday 5th October 2019
  • Venue: Motivation Suite, Village Hotel Club – Walsall, Tempus Drive, Walsall WS2 8TJ

Sikh doctors AGM 2019 Flyer

Health Events – West Midlands

Date: 17th Feb 2019
Time: 12pm till 4pm
Venue: Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, West Bromwich St., Walsall, WS1 4DB








Sikh Doctors Association is pleased to support and collaborate with Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, West Bromwich St., Walsall, to bring together a series of health events planned for later on this year.

Next event will be held on 17th February 2019 at the Gurdwara and includes performing cardiovascular health checks, which will include: weight, height, BP, cholesterol, HBa1c, glucose and then CVD risk assessment and advice.

For over 65s Atrial Fibrillation screening using the Alveicor ECG recording is planned, as this is recognised as one of the key screening tools for stroke prevention in this patient age group.

CPR training. Khalsa Save a Life Campaign Team will be running CPR Training sessions for all attendees in their workshops.

Healthcare professionals or any volunteers are requested to contact the association directly via contact us page to lend your support for this worthwhile sewa.

Annual General Meeting 2017:

SDDA committee is delighted to invite delegates to our UK Sikh Doctors’ & Dentists’ annual meeting programme for this year. We have a vibrant line-up of speakers this year, and the lectures are planned to be interactive and fun for all!

Please save the date in your diaries.

  • Date: Saturday 28th October 2017
  • Venue: Village Hotel Club, Tempus Drive. Walsall WS2 8T

See you then!

Evening Charity Dinner 2016:
The SDDA hosted a successful charity Dinner event on 17th September 2016 at Banquet Suite, Coventry. Guests arriving from different parts of England enjoyed speeches from our speakers Dr K.S. Bijral, a founder member of the association, who shared his lessons learned from life challenges. These were complimented by representatives from Khalsa save a life campaign, who teach Basic Life Support to the General Public, and initiatives in Coventry to support funds for Wheelchairs in the local hospitals. £280 were raised for Everythings13 Charity through the raffle prizes.

Secretarial Message 2016:

secretarial message 2016